It’s astounding how much of the audio content we encounter every day is generated by AI voice technology. Whether it’s internet voiceovers, IVR recordings, sales presentations, or educational tutorials, it’s highly likely that a considerable portion of it was created using AI voice generators. Furthermore, today’s AI voice technology has undergone significant advancements, and the dull, robotic tones of the past have been replaced with highly dynamic, expressive, and uncannily human-like voices.

These programs, known as “text to speech” (speech synthesis software), examine text and read it in a human-like manner.

TTS voice-over generators are employed in various settings, including by businesses and creators as voice-overs. They can also serve as an assistive tool for those struggling with learning disabilities. Audiobooks, marketing, animation, and gaming are other areas of application. Due to the rapid progress in this industry, the technology no longer requires a large number of speech samples to replicate a voice. There are numerous outstanding voice-over generators available, each with its own set of features and specific uses.

The 8 best AI voice-over generators

Murf AI

Murf AI voice generator
Murf AI voice generator

Murf, one of the most renowned and high-performing AI voice generators on the market, holds the top spot on our list. This tool enables anyone to transform text into speech, voice-overs, and dictations. Murf offers several editing options to help you create the most realistic voices. You can select from a variety of voices and accents, and the user interface is user-friendly.

The voice-over generator provides access to a feature-rich AI voice-over studio. It comes with an integrated video editor that allows you to produce videos with your voice-overs. You can choose preferences such as the speaker, voice accents/styles, and tone from a library of over 120 AI voices spanning 20 different languages.

Murf boasts a powerful feature: the voice cloner. This allows you to use your own voice as a voice-over. You simply provide recordings of your voice to the tool, and it takes care of reproducing it. You can modify the pronunciation or add pauses and accents as needed.

Key features

  • Text to speech
  • Voice cloning
  • Voice over video
  • Voice changer
  • API
  • Voice over Google slides add-on
  • Human sounding voices
  • Over 120 AI voices available in multiple languages 
  • Expressive voice-overs that convey emotions 
  • The AI Voice-Over Studio supports both audio and textual inputs 
  • Tone, accents, and other language aspects are all adjustable

Yearly Pricing

  • Free version: $0
  • Basic: $156
  • Pro: $936
  • Enterprise: $2940

Quickly produce :
Human quality voices
Versatile text-to-speech tool


Synthesia is among the most renowned and effective voice-over generators available; with just a few clicks, anyone can create a high-quality voice-over or AI-powered film. This platform stands at the forefront of voice generation technology. Imagine having a natural human voice at your disposal to enhance the explainer videos on your website or product tutorials within minutes, all without needing a studio. With Synthesia’ Text-to-Video (TTV) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies, your script can be transformed into an engaging video.

Key features of Synthesia

  • An extensive library of expert voices: 35 female and 30 male
  • Incredibly realistic-sounding voices
  • You own the commercial rights to the audio you create
  • Versatile, high-quality speech generator
  • Offers both AI voice and video
  • AI avatars available
  • 65 languages and 254 different voices
  • Text-to-speech API
  • Voice cloning
  • Ideal for both commercial and personal use

Yearly Pricing

  • Human Studio Synthesia: $374
  • Audio Synthesia: $279
  • Audio and Human Studio Synthesia: $566 is an AI-powered voiceover generator that is incredibly powerful. It’s a great tool for turning text into real voices. The company’s client list includes big names like Deliveroo, Xerox, Samsung, and Hyundai. When you import or enter text into the program, you can choose a type of voice and download the voiceover as an MP3 or WAV file. The technology quickly translates the text into a human-sounding voice. You can then enhance the audio with various speech and pronunciation models and other elements.

Key features of

  • Over 900 voices in more than 140 languages and accents
  • Ease of use, and suitability for podcasts, online learning, and audio articles
  • Voice cloning
  • Text-to-speech API access (premium)
  • Audio widgets
  • AI podcasts
  • WordPress Integration
  • White-labeled audio players (premium)

Yearly Pricing 

  • Personal: $171
  • Professional: $351
  • Premium: $891


Lovo is one of the top voiceover generators that is widely used for games, audio ads, e-learning, and audiobooks. This tool is designed for those who want to use a voice other than their own. Lovo leverages AI to convert imported text into natural-sounding speech. Many of the world’s leading companies, such as Nvidia, have used this text-to-speech generator. With over 180 AI voice combinations available in 100 languages, Lovo allows you to find the perfect voice for your needs. You can choose the age, gender, accent (informative, trustworthy), and emotion of your voice.

Key features of Lovo

Some of Lovo’s key features include approximately 180 voice models in 100 different languages, extensive voiceover customization, the ability to upload or enter a script, and a voice cloning function.

  • Over 180 voices in 34 languages and dialects
  • Customizable voice styles, emotions, and speaking rates
  • Voice cloning feature to create unique voice personas
  • Integrations with popular software and platforms

Yearly Pricing

  • Free Starter: $0 per month
  • Basic: $19 per month
  • Pro: $36 per month

Each plan has different features and limitations, such as voice generation credits, storage space, voice cloning, etc. You can check their website for more details or start a free trial.


Listnr, another voice-over generator, has the ability to convert text into speech with a variety of distinct settings, including gender, accent, and pause frequency. It provides you with the option to create your own embedded audio player, which can be used to add an audio version to your blog posts, for instance. Listnr can be tailored to your preferences and tastes, supporting more than 600 voices across 75 different languages. This allows you to present your content worldwide.

Key features of Listnr

  • Ability to select gender and accent
  • Offers a customizable, embeddable audio player
  • High levels of personalization options
  • Over 600 voices in 75+ languages and dialects
  • User-friendly TTS editor with options to adjust speed, pitch, tone and more
  • Ability to add background music, sound effects and pauses
  • Support for various formats such as blog posts, podcasts, audiobooks and videos
  • Integration with WordPress, Medium and other platforms

Yearly Pricing

  • Individual: $19/month (billed annually), perfect for individuals, 20,000 words/month
  • Solo: $39/month (billed annually), perfect for small businesses, 100,000 words/month
  • Business: $99/month (billed annually), perfect for large businesses, 500,000 words/month


Speechify is an innovative platform that transforms any written text into audio files, leveraging its web-based technology. The platform is capable of converting a wide range of documents, including PDFs, emails, articles, and other files, into audio content that can be easily listened to, eliminating the need for reading. The tool offers over 130 realistic voices to choose from, alongside the ability to adjust the reading speed to suit individual preferences. Additionally, the text processing software is highly intelligent, capable of recognizing over 30 different languages, and is complemented by a Chrome application and a Widget, further enhancing accessibility.

Key features of Speechify

  • Extensions for both Chrome and Safari
  • Support for over 15 languages
  • Natural-sounding human voices in 30+ languages and 130 voices
  • Active text highlighting and note taking tools
  • Speed control and listening at any speed
  • Screenshot image to audio and Safari extension
  • Ability to listen to any book or document on your shelf

Yearly Pricing

  • Speechify Premium: $139/year (billed annually), includes 30+ high quality voices, 20+ languages, scan and listen to any printed text, listen at 5x faster speeds, advanced skipping and importing, highlighting and note taking tools
  • Speechify Audiobooks: $199/year (billed annually), includes everything in Speechify Premium plus unlimited access to over 1 million audiobooks

There is also a bundle option for both plans at $249/year (billed annually). And there is a 3-day free trial available


Woord is another web-based tool that quickly converts written content from blogs or websites into spoken language. It provides two options for voice generation and is available as a Chrome extension. Users can either copy and paste text into the Woord editor or input the URL of a web page they wish to transform into audio. 

The tool offers an extensive range of voice options. Users can modify emotion, speed, volume, and other settings. It supports a wide variety of languages, allowing you to create as many voices as you desire in different languages. 

Key features of Woord

  • Easy to use, cheap and scalable
  • Ability to make engaging videos with human presenters
  • Variety of voices, languages, and accents
  • Option to add background music and images

Yearly Pricing

  • Starter: $9/month (billed annually), includes 50,000 words/month, one click rewriting, rewrites pass Copyscape
  • Professional: $49/month (billed annually), includes 250,000 words/month, everything in Starter plus bulk spinning
  • Enterprise: custom quote, includes unlimited words/month, everything in Professional plus priority support


At the tail end of the list, there’s Voicera, which is another excellent AI voice generator to generate voiceovers for blog articles or web pages. With just one click, this tool can transform written content into lifelike human voices using artificial intelligence. To provide an engaging experience, Voicera supports over 10 languages and offers a variety of accents.

Key features of Voicera

Voicera features includes making your websites and presentations more appealing, being user-friendly, and providing voiceovers in more than 10 languages with a plethora of accents.

  • AI phone dialer and voice-activated reminders
  • Visual integrations with other collaboration systems
  • One click voice and automatic content detection
  • Multi-lingual voices and speed control

Yearly Pricing

  • Ready: $29 for 200,000 credits, suited for personal blogs, 50+ languages and dialects, voice speed control, basic support
  • Set: $49 for 1,000,000 credits, suited for small businesses, everything in Ready plus background music and sound effects
  • Go: $99 for 5,000,000 credits, suited for large businesses and agencies, everything in Set plus advanced support


When it comes to creating voiceovers for animated series, cartoons, movies, TV shows, and other media, most people usually rely on studios and voice actors. However, there’s another faster and more cost-effective option available, which is to use an AI-powered voiceover generator. In this article, we present you with a selection of such tools to choose from.

Don’t forget that there are many other text-to-speech tools out there, each with its own unique features. So, take your time to explore your options and find the one that suits your needs best.

Which text-to-speech software ranks best in 2023?

Top-notch text-to-speech and AI voice generators tools should possess the capacity to vocalize an array of languages, dialects, and accents, while also being customizable to suit individual preferences. Furthermore, an exemplary voice synthesizer should be compatible with all devices. Taking these qualities into account, Murf AI emerges as the most adaptable and comprehensive text-to-speech solution for 2023 and the foreseeable future.

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