BlueWillow, although still in test phase, is positioned as a serious competitor to Midjourney. These two image generators based on artificial intelligence have major similarities, especially their accessibility via Discord. However, BlueWillow has the advantage of being free for the moment.

BlueWillow : une alternative gratuite à MidJourney
BlueWillow: a free alternative to MidJourney

BlueWillow is capable of creating artistic images, but its quality is not as consistent as Midjourney’s. Nevertheless, both tools generate 4 images for each prompt, offering some flexibility.

They also share a similar interface, with comparable variation and scaling buttons. Upscaling is slightly superior on Midjourney, while BlueWillow can sometimes produce blurry images.

BlueWillow’s image generation speed is slightly faster than Midjourney’s, possibly due to a smaller number of users. Since it is free, BlueWillow is an excellent alternative for those who do not wish to subscribe to Midjourney.

Using the BlueWillow AI image generator

If you have already used Midjourney, you will easily adapt to BlueWillow. Both image generators have not only the same interface, but also the same style of prompts and parameters. Midjourney features, such as the -AR command, are also available on BlueWillow.

To use BlueWillow via Discord, simply join the BlueWillow server from the official site.

Once on the server, access one of the #rookie channels and enter the command /imagine in the chat so that a dialog box appears letting you enter your image prompt.

Enter the /imagine command followed by your prompt

The image generator bot will send you 4 images in a few seconds or minutes, depending on how busy the server is. Use the V button to generate new variations and the U button to scale your image. If none of the generated images are to your liking, press the refresh button next to the V4 button to create 4 new ones.

Examples of images generated with BlueWillow

Here are some examples of images generated with BlueWillow. Although the quality of Midjourney is still better, it is probably only a matter of time before BlueWillow catches up.

In conclusion, BlueWillow is a promising free alternative for generating quality images using artificial intelligence. If you are looking for an easy to use and free tool, don’t hesitate to try BlueWillow.

Prompt: The tiger roared and snarled
Prompt: beldandy from ah my goddess mischievous look, aesthetic, highly detailed, photorealistic style, natural lighting
Prompt: A steaming bowl of Japanese ramen, garnished with a soft boiled egg and a sprinkle of nori
Prompt : deep forest, ultra realistic, foggy, dark, green

The future of BlueWillow

As BlueWillow is still new, many improvements are to be expected. Currently, it seems to be the best free alternative to Midjourney. It is not certain that it will remain free indefinitely, let’s hope they will at least offer a free trial plan like Midjourney does if they decide to move to a paid model .

This is a tool to watch for those interested in image generation via artificial intelligence.

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