Draw Things is an app developed by San Francisco-based Liu Liu that runs the popular Stable Diffusion image generator directly on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. With this app, you can create images from scratch in minutes, without needing a powerful PC with powerful GPUs.

Draw Things : génération d'images assistée par l'IA dans votre poche
Draw Things : AI-assisted image generation in your pocket

How to create AI images with Draw Things for iPhone

To get started, you need to choose an image generation template from the multiple templates available, each weighing about a gigabyte. You also have the option of importing your own template or directly downloading a template from a template library like CivitAI by importing it via its URL. Each template is optimized for a specific style, such as Modern Disney Diffusion for generating Disney characters, or Waifu Diffusion for anime fans. Other templates include Cyberpunk Anime and a 3D template powered by Redshift.

After downloading a template to your device, you can enter a custom prompt to guide the image generation. Be specific and use as many keywords and phrases as necessary to describe the content of the image, such as “a young boy sitting at a computer” or “a samurai walking towards a mountain”.

Then choose from several available image resolutions, and press the Generate button. The generation may take some time as the app uses the processor of your iOs device to generate the image.

Example with the prompt: green robot,neon,green cyberpunk vibe,masterpiece

Inpainting and downloadabletemplates

To influence the overall look of the AI images, you can play with the different Sampler options, like Eurel Ancestral to create dreamlike images or DPM++ 2M Karras to compute high quality images in up to 30 steps.

Once ready, press the Generate button and wait for the AI to calculate the images according to the input parameters. You can then save the AI-generated image to the Photos library or share it with apps and people.

Draw Things also supports inpainting, which allows you to reconstruct missing parts of an image and recreate complex works of art. You can quickly produce something unique with minimal effort by providing an image of your choice. With the magic wand, you can apply the eraser or brush tool to the selected foreground or background.

Download Draw Things for free

Draw Things does not collect any data and does not perform calculations on an online server. All calculations are performed privately on your device. Plus, the app is free to download and use, with no paid upgrades.

Draw Things: AI Generation for iOS is available for free.

Draw Things website

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