Midjourney is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you create unique and captivating logos in seconds. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Midjourney allows you to quickly find inspiration for your new logo. Only, you have to know how to use it well. How to easily create a personalized logo with Midjourney ? The following lines show you the 3 simple steps.

How to easily create your logo with Midjourney in 3 steps?

The first question you probably ask yourself when you want to create your logo with Midjourney is “where to start?” It’s very simple, just follow these 3 steps to create your logo with Midjourney.

Step 1: Connect to the Discord application of Midjourney

The Discord is the interface that allows you to interact with the Midjourney bot. To use it, you must first create an account on Discord before joining the Midjourney server. To connect to the Discord server, it’s very simple.

  • Go to the Midjourney website
  • Click on join the beta
  • Connect to the Discord server.

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You can now create your logo by writing a small text to the Midjourney bot and it will do the rest.

Step 2: Enter a Prompt to generate the logo

The creation of the logo on Midjourney is done by commands called ” Prompt “. A Prompt is a small description that allows Midjourney to generate a unique and personalized logo for you. A Prompt has the following simple structure:

/imagine [Description], [Parameters]

  • /imagine : it’s the command that allows to interact with the bot.
  • Description : it’s a short text containing the keywords of the logo you want.
  • Settings : indicate your preferences to the bot (background color, style, etc.)

For example, you can write the following Prompt:

/imagine a mascot logo of a robot, simple, vector –no text

The more details you provide to the bot, the better the result will be. You can tell the Midjourney bot what you don’t want in your logo by using the “–no” parameter at the end of the Prompt. In the previous example, “–no text” allows you to exclude the text from the logo.

You can write the Prompt in French, but it is better to write it in English for a better result.

Step 3: Customize the logo generated by Midjourney to your liking

When you enter a Prompt in the Discord, the Midjourney AI will generate 4 logos in a few seconds. But if you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust your Prompt to personalize the logo according to your preferences.

You have a preference for a particular style of logo? You will discover in the following sections the different styles of logos that Midjourney can generate for you.

What types of logos can you create with Midjourney?

Before creating your logo in Midjourney, you must first choose the type of logo you want. You can choose a type according to its advantages and disadvantages. But especially according to the image that you wish to convey through the logo of your brand.

Pictorial type logo

The Pictorial logo type is characterized by the use of a realistic image or illustration to represent the brand. This type of logo is often used to create an emotional connection with the audience and can be very effective for brands whose image is closely tied to a specific animal, object, or landscape. For example: Starbucks, Lacoste, WWF.

Here is an example of Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine a pictorial logo of a majestic mountain landscape with a sunrise for an outdoor adventure company

Wordmark logo type

The Wordmark logo type features the full brand name using a unique and distinctive typography. This type of logo is ideal for companies whose name is easily memorable and distinctive. For example: Google, Coca-Cola, FedEx.

Here is an example of Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine wordmark logo for a tech company called TechWave, modern sans-serif font, bold and dynamic

Lettermark logo type

The Lettermark logo type consists of one or more letters, usually the initials of the brand or the first letters of its full name. For example: HP, NASA, IBM, Facebook.

Here is an example of Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine a lettermark of letter C, logo, serif font, vector, simple –no realistic details

Graphic logo type

The graphic type of logo consists in representing a brand by an icon. This icon has the shape of a particular object that allows to easily identify the brand in a visual way. For example: Apple, Twitter.

Here is an example of Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine Flat vector graphic logo of square, simple minimal, by Rob Janoff –no realistic photo detail shading

Geometric type logo

The geometric type of logo consists in representing a brand by an abstract geometric shape without any particular meaning, but which allows to easily identify the brand in a visual way. For example: Mastercard, Nike.

Here is an example of Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine Flat geometric vector graphic logo of curved wave shape, black, simple minimal, by Ivan Chermayeff

Logo type Emblem

The type of logo emblem is made of a symbol containing characters. It is widely used by schools, sports teams, armies. It symbolizes the official character, the tradition of an organization. For example: Mercedes, soccer teams.

Here is an example of Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine emblem for a university with large book, vintage –no shading detail realistic color

Mascot logo type

The mascot logo type allows you to represent your brand using a drawn character. For example: the mascot of the tire manufacturer Michelin.

Here is an example of Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine a simple mascot logo for a chicken company, japanese style

Logo inspired by a famous graphic designer/artist

If you are attracted by the style of a famous graphic designer in particular, you can add his name in the Prompt to ask Midjourney to generate a logo inspired by his style.

Here is a small list of famous graphic designers that you can try:

  • Paul Rand : the creator of the IBM logo
  • Rob Janoff : the creator of the Apple logo
  • Sagi Haviv : the creator of the National Geographic logo

Here is an example from Prompt Midjourney:

/imagine simple minimal logo of chicken, style of Paul Rand –no text

Midjourney: how to add text to your logo ?

Unfortunately, it is true that Midjourney is not particularly designed to add text to your logos, which can be a drawback for some users. However, there are solutions to get around this limitation. One of them consists in exporting your logo created with Midjourney and then using a specialized software such as Canva, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to add your texts and refine your creation.

Despite this constraint, Midjourney remains an excellent tool to quickly obtain a draft logo and facilitate your creative process.

Conclusion: how to create a logo with Midjourney?

Using an artificial intelligence tool such as Midjourney has many advantages, especially in terms of saving time and simplicity in the process of creating your logo. To do so, simply log on to the Discord, write a Prompt to describe the idea of your logo, and then customize it according to your preferences.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for inspiration or a professional looking to optimize your time, Midjourney provides an intuitive platform to easily design the basis of your logo . Once you’ve completed this step, you can use other software to add text, effects and custom elements to create a logo that perfectly reflects your brand or project identity.

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