Dall-E 2 is an artificial intelligence tool for generating visual content. It offers the possibility to modify and extend the generated images thanks to two techniques: inpainting and outpainting. This article presents how these techniques work and gives advice on how to use them effectively.

Inpainting and outpainting

  • Inpainting: by using the editing function, it is possible to erase a part of the image. When a new frame generation request is made, the transparent parts of the square are regenerated or “inpainted”.
  • Outpainting: the typical output of Dall-E 2 is 1024 x 1024 px, but by using the editing function and placing the generation frame outside the original image, “outpainted” content is generated.

These two techniques can be used together to achieve creative, custom results.

Here is a guide to using the Outpainting capability in Dall-E.

1. Upload and crop your photo

Click on the “Upload an Image ” button located under the search bar on the Dall-E home page. Once you have selected the photo to upload, a cropping window will appear. Crop your image or press the “skip cropping” button. Then click on “edit image” to access the Dall-E editing area.

2. Delete the area to be modified

Place your image in the workspace, then click the “Erase” button. Then drag your mouse to select the area you want to edit.

3. Add a textdescription

In the search bar at the top of the workspace, describe what you want Dall-E to generate in the selected area. Then press the “Generate” button.

Here in the example we will put a Mexican hat on the character in the image

4. Select your favorite

Dall-E will generate 4 images based on your text description. Browse through them and select the one you like best to download. If DALLE didn’t quite generate what you were looking for, simply adjust your description and press “Generate” again. Continue iterating with different descriptions until you get the image you want.

Be careful to generate your images wisely, as each generation costs 1 credit.

Editing tips

  • It is recommended to overlap the generation frame with the existing content so that Dall-E 2 can create a coherent content.
  • Outpainted images are not automatically saved, so it is recommended to upload your work as you go to avoid losing content.
  • Each submitted prompt uses a credit on your Dall-E account, even if you only generate small elements of a frame.
Dall·E 2 outpainting


  • Editing generated images: inpainting is useful to correct problems in generated images by deleting and regenerating them.
  • Controlling the output by providing input: you can control part of the generation by uploading images, such as text, people or objects, and asking Dall-E 2 to fill in around them. This can create a collage effect, as long as you provide Dall-E 2 with original work to guide the generation.
  • Drift of the generated content: for some larger images, there may be a problem of consistency with the rest of the image. It is important to overlap existing images so that Dall-E 2 has something to work with, even if this will not necessarily correct the drift.

Using Dall-E 2 for inpainting or outpainting allows for a more creative use of the tool, offering the possibility to guide the generation. This allows one to collaborate or shape the generation of Dall-E 2, rather than acting as a passive user.

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