In a competitive job market, it’s essential to stand out with a well-crafted and compelling resume. Artificial intelligence can help you create a resume tailored to a specific position, improve your existing resume, and give you additional tips to ensure your application catches the attention of recruiters.

Write and enhance your resume with ChatGPT

Learn how ChatGPT, an AI-based creative writing assistant, can help you optimize your resume to land your dream job.

Create a resume with ChatGPT for a specific job

Analyze the job posting

Before you begin writing your resume with ChatGPT, it’s crucial to analyze the job opening you’re applying for. Identify the skills, experience and qualifications required for the position. In this way, ChatGPT can help you tailor your resume by highlighting the most relevant elements for that specific position.

Formatting and structure

ChatGPT can help you create a well-structured and visually appealing resume by providing templates tailored to your industry and the position you are applying for. You can choose from different styles and formats to find the one that best suits your profile and the image you want to convey to the recruiter.

Writing the different sections

ChatGPT will help you write the different sections of your CV, offering you professional and striking formulations to describe your skills, experiences and achievements. Here is a short step-by-step guide for the OpenAI wizard to help you write your resume correctly:

  1. Ask ChatGPT for help: Type “can you help me write a resume for a specific job description?”
  2. Provide the job description: Put in the full job description.
  3. Review ChatGPT’s sample: ChatGPT will generate a resume template based on the job description.
  4. Provide additional information to ChatGPT: Ask the AI to add your skills and work experience to the resume template.
  5. Customize the resume: Modify the resume to suit your needs and ensure that it accurately reflects your experience.
Example: Create a resume with ChatGPT for a specific position

Enhance your existing resume with ChatGPT

If you already have a resume, ChatGPT can help you tweak and improve it to make it more attractive to recruiters. Here are some tips on how to improve your resume with the help of ChatGPT:

Analysis and suggestions

ChatGPT will analyze your existing resume and offer suggestions to improve it, such as simplifying certain wording, adding relevant keywords or restructuring certain sections to make them clearer and more impactful.

Update your experience and skills

The wizard will help you update your resume by adding your new experiences, skills and training. ChatGPT will suggest appropriate formulations to describe these new experiences and highlight their contribution to the targeted position.

Optimization of your professional profile

ChatGPT will help you review and optimize your professional profile, making it more attractive and relevant to the position you are applying for. The wizard will suggest powerful formulations to capture the attention of recruiters from the first lines of your resume.

  1. Ask for an improvement: Enter “Do you think you can improve my resume?”
  2. Provide your current resume and goals: Paste in your existing resume and indicate the positions you’re applying for and your goals for rewriting.
  3. Review suggestions for improvement: ChatGPT will offer suggestions for improving your resume.
  4. Request implementation of suggestions: If you wish, ask ChatGPT to implement the suggestions and modify your resume accordingly.
  5. Review and customize the result: Review the modified resume carefully to make sure it meets your requirements.

Additional Tips

  • Ask more sophisticated questions, such as asking for suggestions to highlight your talents or using quantitative data to highlight your accomplishments.
  • Rephrase your question or regenerate the AI’s answer if necessary.

In addition to helping you write and improve your resume, ChatGPT can provide you with additional tips for optimizing your application:

  1. Use of keywords: ChatGPT will help you identify and incorporate keywords relevant to the position, which will increase your chances of being selected by the automated screening systems used by some companies.
  2. Adaptation to international standards: If you are applying for jobs abroad, ChatGPT will help you adapt your resume to local standards and expectations in terms of format, style and content.
  3. Cover letter preparation: ChatGPT can also help you write a convincing and personalized cover letter that is relevant to the position and the company.


ChatGPT is a powerful tool to help you write and improve your resume, making it more suitable and attractive for the position you are applying for. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will benefit from support in writing the different sections, optimizing your professional profile and adding additional tips to maximize your chances of landing the job of your dreams. Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this revolutionary technology and give your career a boost!

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