Microsoft recently announced the extension of its DALL-E based AI image generator, called “Image Creator“, integrated into its Bing search engine and Edge browser. Now, this feature is available to all Edge users on computers worldwide, including Windows, macOS and Linux versions.

Microsoft met à la disposition de tous le créateur d'images Edge AI
Microsoft makes Edge AI Image Creator available to everyone

Using Image Creator and compatibility

To use Bing Image Creator simply click on the corresponding icon in the Edge sidebar and enter what you want to generate. Bing will then generate several images that match the request, and users can download the ones they like to use anywhere.

This feature is especially useful for creating very specific visuals for social media posts, PowerPoint presentations and documents.

Accessing and integrating Image Creator into the Edge sidebar

To add Image Creator to the Edge sidebar, simply open the sidebar, click the “+” button, and then activate the button next to Image Creator. Microsoft is currently experimenting with limits based on usage patterns to optimize the customer experience.

However, most users do not encounter any limits on the number of images they can create per day.

New Features and Enhancements to Edge

In addition to the Image Creator integration, the April update to Microsoft Edge includes other new features, such as:

  • A new way to share files and notes between devices with the Drop tool.
  • An integrated basic image editor.
  • A personal notebook synchronized between your devices.
  • Efficiency mode improvements to save more battery on laptops.
  • The addition of a tool called “Browser essentials”, offering insight into Edge’s performance in terms of efficiency and malware detection (only available on early-access versions for now).

Thus, Microsoft continues to improve and enrich the functionalities of its Edge browser to offer a more optimal and personalized user experience.

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