is a brand new online service that offers a no-code solution to run Stable Diffusion from the cloud in any web browser.

This platform is designed for people who don’t want to invest in expensive GPUs, but still want to create amazing content generated by Stable Diffusion’s AI. The service addresses the growing demand for an accessible way to use Stable Diffusion and offers support for the latest add-ons, including ControlNet.

By using, anyone can easily create high-quality AI-generated content without having to worry about the technical requirements or cost of traditional GPU configurations. Overall, this service offers a simple and very affordable solution for anyone looking to create engaging content using Stable Diffusion.

How to use RunDiffusion

RunDiffusion is a service that boasts time efficiency and creating an account is as easy as advertised. Once you sign up and confirm your email, you have access to their interfaces and file browsers in just 90 seconds.

As a new registrant, you will be entitled to a 15 minute free trial to test the image generation service. All you have to do now is choose a template from the list and select a machine to start generating digital art.

Choice of models which Stable Diffusion to use

Once you have selected your machine, a pop-up window will open to allow you to define a usage time, which is useful to avoid overcharging in case you forgot that RunDiffusion was still running in one of your tabs.

Choose the time of your session

Once ready, click on launch and your session begins, you can use tools such as “text2img”, “img2img” and inpainting, as well as a variety of other templates and the latest add-ons like the highly acclaimed ControlNet.

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