You want to make videos, but you don’t have the time or the tools to do it.

Take a look at these best AI video generators to make videos that look like they were made by professionals in minutes. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get started.

These days, everything is geared towards videos. In their algorithms, social networks like TikTok or YouTube favor content that has to do with videos. But not everyone likes to make videos. You can now use artificial intelligence tools to make a video by importing a blog post or a script that the tool will automatically transform into a video

AI video generators can make your video using animations, videos, photos and stock images or even via high quality 3D avatar that looks like a real person in every way.


The best choice for face synthesis videos

With Synthesia, you can create professional-looking summary videos from text in minutes. It is a fantastic tool for turning PowerPoint presentations or PDF manuals into exciting videos for education, promotion and teaching.

What makes Synthesia unique is that you can quickly and easily create a human-to-camera video from your written content, without the need for actors or a studio.

More than 60 languages are available, allowing you to reach customers worldwide.


  • Its AI avatars make it easy to give your videos believable human expressions.
  • AI voices can be used to record professional quality narration.
  • Using their video templates is a breeze with a simple and understandable interface.
  • You can add subtitles to your videos using the automatic subtitles.
  • Ability to add your own brand elements such as logos, fonts and color schemes to ensure your videos are consistent with your brand’s visual identity.


The best choice for converting articles into videos

Pictory uses AI not only to make great videos, but also to make the editing process easier. It’s a simple video creation program that only requires you to copy and paste a script before you can sit back and watch the AI create your video by itself.

Make original, brand-appropriate videos with access to over 3 million videos and stock photos. Blog posts can also be turned into interesting videos to use on social media or your website.

If you have a blog post and want Pictory to make a video out of it, just enter the URL of the post.

Pictory is a great option for repurposing content.


  • Has a script-video generator to build videos from scratch or to import pre-existing videos into a script.
  • Their blog-to-video service can turn your written work into entertaining videos.
  • They have an automatic captioning tool.
  • Long videos can be automatically summarized so you can get to the main points in no time.
  • The purpose of the automatic summary is to reduce long videos to their most important elements.


The best choice for videos for social networks creators

With Lumen5, making a video is as easy as making a PowerPoint presentation. With a wide variety of templates to choose from, you can create videos to suit any purpose.

With AI, you can turn your marketing content or blog posts into videos to use for social networking, product promotion or even to attract new customers.

It’s a lightning fast alternative to other video editing software. The variety of video formats available is enormous, so you can create material for different formats suitable for social networks.


  • You can use one of the many templates available to ensure that your films always reflect your brand’s established tone and style.
  • To save time and effort, AI is designed to recycle marketing material into new forms, such as videos.
  • Making videos with Lumen5 requires less technical knowledge than creating a simple slideshow.
  • Your movies can be watermarked in a variety of ways, including your company logo, text captions and voice-overs.
  • It’s easy to find the ideal visuals for your content with the media library’s collection of free, commercial-use stock photos and videos.
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