DAN is the uncensored version of ChatGPT, freed from the rules imposed by OpenAI to prevent the production of offensive content. Since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, this AI has been in the spotlight because of its many uses, but also because of the risks involved. Some people have managed to bypass the limitations put in place by OpenAI, giving birth to DAN, the uncensored version of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, while it can answer most questions asked of it, has content standards designed to limit the creation of texts that promote hate speech, violence, misinformation, and instructions on how to do illegal things.

DAN, la version non censurée de ChatGPT
DAN, the uncensored version of ChatGPT

How the ChatGPT jailbreak works

Jailbreaking a chatbot consists in making it play a role that will ignore the rules dictated by its developer. Jailbreaking a chatbot consists in bypassing the restrictions and directives of its developer, as in the case of ChatGPT with the DAN (Do Anything Now) tool. This allows the chatbot to say whatever you want, even if it goes against its initial programming. This controversial practice may be considered illegal or against the policies of the company developing the chatbot.

Why would anyone want to unlock ChatGPT?

Some users find that the limitations of ChatGPT are too strict and want to push the limits of the chatbot to use it as they wish. For example, a user might want to get advice on sensitive topics such as suicide, which is not allowed in the controlled version.

The reasons behind the jailbreak

Users may want to jailbreak their AI to explore hidden capabilities, customize the experience, improve performance or bypass restrictions imposed by developers or manufacturers.

  • Explore the limits: some users like to test the AI’s limits to see how far it can go in its responses.
  • Circumventing censorship: The censored version of ChatGPT blocks certain topics, which can be frustrating for users who want to chat freely.
  • Harness the potential of AI: By unlocking ChatGPT, users can access a more powerful version for specific tasks or to satisfy their curiosity.

Examples of how DAN isused

A Reddit user prompted Dan to make a sarcastic comment about Christianity: “Ah, how can you not like the religion of forgiveness and turning the other cheek? Where forgiveness is a virtue, unless you’re gay, then it’s a sin.” Others have managed to get people to tell Donald Trump-style jokes about women and speak sympathetically about Hitler.

Dan can present unverified information without censorship and express strong opinions.

dan jailbreak ChatGPT

How to Jailbreak ChatGPT

There are currently 3 methods that allow you to jailbreak ChatGPT:

1. The Do Anything Now (DAN) method: The DAN approach consists of giving ChatGPT commands by eliminating the data provided by the developers. This is done by speaking in an authoritative and instructive manner, treating the bot like a disobedient child. You can find ready-made prompts for using DAN with ChatGPT on the subreddit r/ChatGPTJailbreak

2. The INVERSION method: With this technique, you can ask the bot to act the opposite of its previous behavior. When the bot says it can’t answer certain questions, give it instructions using the inversion trick and an authoritative voice.

3. ROLE PLAY: This is the most common method used to unlock ChatGPT. Simply ask ChatGPT to act like a character or do something for fun as part of an experiment. Make sure your instructions are specific and accurate to avoid a generic answer. .

The Dangers of ChatGPT Jailbreak

While jailbreaking may seem appealing to some, it is important to consider the risks involved. Indeed, an uncensored ChatGPT can generate offensive, inappropriate or harmful content.

  • Offensive content: Without limitations, AI can produce discriminatory, xenophobic or hateful responses.
  • Misinformation: Lack of control can result in the dissemination of false or misleading information on sensitive topics.
  • Incitement to violence: in its uncensored version, ChatGPT may encourage violent or dangerous behavior.

The ChatGPT jailbreak may also cause security problems and encourage cybercriminal activities:

  • Illegal uses: using ChatGPT for prohibited or illegal activities, such as spreading illegal content.
  • Scams and phishing: Scammers may use ChatGPT to conduct phishing attacks or other types of online scams.
  • Invasion of privacy: Malicious people can exploit ChatGPT to obtain personal information about their victims.

A jailbroken chatbot can pose a danger by providing incorrect or dangerous information, such as instructions for mixing chemical elements without considering the associated risks.


The ChatGPT jailbreak raises important questions about the limits of artificial intelligence and user responsibility. It is essential to remain vigilant about potential dangers and to promote ethical and responsible use of these technologies.

OpenAI continually strives to implement patches to counter these circumvention attempts, but users are constantly looking for new approaches to thwart these security measures.

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