Alan AI

Alan AI

Facilitate a next-generation user experience for mobile apps through voice,

Alan AI is a comprehensive conversational AI platform that enables the creation, deployment, and management of integrated voice assistants within applications in just a few days. The goal of Alan AI is to facilitate a next-generation user experience for mobile apps through voice, providing immediate return on investment for businesses and an outstanding user experience.

What is Alan AI? The main features of Alan AI include:

  • Support for multi-modal and human-like interactions with your application
  • Context awareness, superior voice and language processing
  • Low-code development and multi-platform support
  • Full ownership of server, AI models, and data
  • In-depth analytics and ultra-fast iterations
  • Appreciated by over 45,000 developers

With Alan AI, developers have all the necessary tools to create, test, and deploy voice interfaces quickly. Their development suite includes:

  • Alan Studio, a simple yet powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for designing voice interfaces
  • Instant integration for any platform using lightweight SDKs
  • Advanced conversational analytics to optimize the efficiency of the voice assistant

Several companies and partners have expressed their satisfaction with using Alan AI, including Save the Children, MediKarma, Murphy Oil Corp., OrgaTech, Ionic, Incture Technologies, Code for fun, and Utegration.

The Alan AI platform is compatible with various integrations, such as iOS, Android, Web, SAP, Ionic, Flutter, and Electron.

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