Audio transcription solution that can transcribe 1 hour of audio in just 10 seconds.

Gladia is an audio transcription solution that can transcribe 1 hour of audio in just 10 seconds. Their mission is to help businesses build a knowledge infrastructure platform to connect all their internal textual, audio, and visual data and make it accessible and actionable in real-time.

So, what is speech-to-text? An Artificial Intelligence (AI) for speech-to-text, also known as speech recognition, is a computer system that can convert audio files into written text using machine learning algorithms. This technology allows for quick and accurate transcription of audio recordings into a searchable and editable format. Speech-to-text AI has practical applications in many fields, including transcribing business meetings, note-taking for students, report writing for journalists, and real-time subtitling of videos. This technology can also be used to improve accessibility for people with hearing impairments.

Speech-to-text AI can handle many accents and languages, even the most complex ones. However, their accuracy depends on the quality of the audio recording and the user’s voice quality. In general, speech-to-text AI continues to evolve and improve as they are trained on larger amounts of data and through the improvement of machine learning algorithms.

Although they have not yet been able to communicate final prices, Gladia is committed to ensuring that their APIs are the most affordable on the market while maintaining the highest quality standards. So far, they use over 250 models to create a solution capable of performing over 45 tasks, including translation, dialogue synthesis, gender detection, and sentiment analysis.

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