Everything you need to write quality content and say goodbye to writer's block

Write quality content and say goodbye to the writer’s block

Moonbeam is an artificial intelligence-based writing assistant designed to facilitate the creation of long-form content such as essays, stories, articles and blogs. This tool offers unique features such as original idea generation, easy organization of thoughts, and improved and faster writing.

Moonbeam Assistant turns your messy notes into useful outlines and your outlines into impeccably written paragraphs. It’s also possible to ask Luna, Moonbeam’s AI, to write a sentence to get a well-written draft. It offers a custom style generator that allows you to write like famous authors, actors or politicians, making it easy to write in a variety of styles.

This tool is also handy for research, as it performs quick searches and builds concise plans for users to review. It is popular with content creators, students and online coaches. From solving structural problems to coming up with new ideas, Moonbeam helps you achieve your writing goals more efficiently.

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