A comprehensive AI-based synthesized voice generator in over 20 languages

There are many text-to-speech (TTS) generators that can be used to create professional voiceovers. For good reason, Murf.AI is one of the most powerful voiceover tools. Powerful and feature-rich, this AI-based speech generator can perform a wide range of tasks.

Of course, it’s not necessarily the best option for everyone. Read on to find out if Murf’s capabilities match your needs.

What is Murf AI

Murf.AI is a text-to-speech tool that can be used to convert written text into audio. It has a large number of voices to choose from and other features like cloning and editing your voice.

Users can use the platform to make videos, commercials and podcasts using voiceovers. Therefore, it can serve a wide range of purposes and demographic groups. review français
Murf AI Text to speech

Murf AI Features

Murf offers many of the features found in other speech generation software, but what makes Murf truly unique are its advanced features:

  • High quality voice over: Murf has several voices that can read any text you give them. Each voice has been created by a professional actor, which guarantees very good voice quality.
  • Powerful voice changer: you can use any existing AI voice with Murf AI. You can also upload your own audio clips and turn them into a voice over that sounds like it was done by a professional.
  • Your own Murf studio: When you finish a project, it doesn’t disappear. It’s saved as a virtual studio project, so you can use it again later.
  • Add background noise: With a few clicks, you can add the music of your choice to the voiceover as background noise. You can also cut and paste this music into your video, depending on its length.

Tone control

You can control the depth of your AI voice with the tone control option. The default tone is 1x in the toolbar. If you want a deeper voice, reduce the value below 1. If you want a higher voice, increase the value to get closer to high female voices.

Adjusting volume and speed

Like the tone control, you can adjust the volume and speed to suit your preferences. The volume and speed tabs are located side by side in the toolbar.

Text-to-Speech Block Control

You can apply the above options to your text or divide it into blocks and edit each segment individually. Just click on the “+” sign below your text to open a new block and add your text to it.

Voices for all purposes

The collection of voiceovers available in Murf is suitable for many uses and age groups. There are low male voices, high female voices and even children’s voices. In addition, the library continues to grow as new voices are added.

Grammar Wizard

Murf has a grammar wizard that detects writing problems. You don’t have to be an avid writer to use it.

Murf AI Pricing

Even if the free Murf.AI plan doesn’t do much for you, it’s worth a try. All voices are available to you, but transcription and voice generation will stop after 10 minutes. Artificial voices that you have created will also not be downloadable.

You will have to subscribe to one of the paid plans to get access to the premium features:

For $13 per month, you can get 24 hours of voiceovers per year, with a choice of 60 different voices.

The premium plan includes 96 hours of voiceover per year, plus 120 different voices, for $26 per month.

The business package of $167 per month includes unlimited hours, voices and speech styles.

With a premium subscription, you have access to unlimited generations, commercial use and quality customer service.


Murf.AI can produce high quality voiceovers, but you have to subscribe to get the most out of it. Other than that, it doesn’t have that many features available. Overall, the tool does its job well and what it was designed for.

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