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Notion AI

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Notion AI is designed to assist with other tasks as well – according to the company, it can summarize articles or notes, generate a to-do list based on selected text, and perform translations.

Speed up your work: Are your notes cluttered? Ask Notion’s AI to summarize the essential and actionable points. No need to constantly switch between your notes and a separate AI app.

Notion AI vs. ChatGPT vs. Bing AI: Similar to ChatGPT (and unlike Microsoft’s Bing), Notion’s AI does not seem to have a strong grasp of recent events. When asked to write the latest news about Artifact (a personalized news app), it provided an accurate summary of Valve’s 2021 announcement that they were no longer working on a virtual collectible card game. Notion cautions that its AI may produce inaccurate information and the AI feature usage guide also states that it might be biased or “generate harmful content when prompted.”

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