Opera AI

Opera AI

AI-powered summarization and content creation features for its desktop browsers

Opera Browser and Opera GX introduce a range of artificial intelligence-based tools to enhance your browsing experience. These cutting-edge features include AI Prompts, ChatGPT, and ChatSonic, which can be accessed directly from the browser’s sidebar.

Opera AI Features

Smarter Browsing AI Prompts is a feature that expands the options when selecting text in the browser. Previously, you could copy or search the selected text, but AI Prompts now provides more advanced capabilities. For instance, it can help shorten or clarify lengthy or intricate text, suggest relevant content based on your interests, or even assist you in composing a tweet on a specific topic. AI Prompts can be accessed by highlighting text or directly from the address bar.

ChatGPT and ChatSonic: Handy Assistants In addition to AI Prompts, Opera and Opera GX incorporate the web versions of ChatGPT and ChatSonic into the browser’s sidebar. These AI-powered assistants can assist with a wide range of queries and issues: generating ideas, summarizing, translating, planning routes, writing code, learning music, obtaining math help, composing text, and much more. ChatSonic can also create images for you. To use these tools, you’ll need to create accounts with the respective services or log in with an existing account.

Activating These Features

To access the new AI tools, update your Opera or Opera GX browser, or download it from Opera.com. Next, navigate to “Easy Setup” and enable the “Early Access” option by toggling “AI Prompts,” which activates the AI prompts in the browser’s user interface and the AI services in the sidebar. In Opera GX, you’ll also need to enable the “Early Bird” option in your browser settings.

In conclusion, the AI-based features in Opera and Opera GX provide users with a more intelligent and personalized browsing experience by incorporating innovative tools directly into the browser.

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