Plagiarism checker and artificial intelligence detector designed for content creators

Originality.AI is an online platform designed to help creators ensure the freshness of the content they produce, by identifying plagiarism and detecting whether AI has been used to generate it. It is primarily aimed at website publishers and content agencies that want to ensure that their authors are not copying existing works or relying on artificial intelligence. In addition, the API allows developers to add AI detection to their applications, so they can flag any content generated by an AI source.

If you create content via AI, Originality.AI is the perfect tool for you, it helps you assess the authenticity of your content by discovering any plagiarism and determining if an AI tool was used to produce the material.

Originality.AI has the most reliable ChatGPT detector on the market.

Originality.AI Pricing

Originality.AI is not free. There is also currently no free trial available. To use the tool, you need to buy credits. Each credit allows you to analyze 100 words with AI’s content or plagiarism detector. If you want to do both, the credits for the analysis are doubled.

Here are the credit rates in detail:

$20: 2000 credits
50$ : 5000 credits
100 : 10.000 credits
250$ : 25.000 credits
500 : 50.000 credits


Originality.AI is an effective plagiarism detector that uses artificial intelligence to spot plagiarized or AI-assisted texts. It’s reasonably priced, making it ideal for anyone who needs to quickly analyze large amounts of content. Whether you’re a marketer, author, or website owner, it’s definitely worth considering.

Originality.AI Details


Checking your contents originality by

Identifying any Plagiarism

and detecting AI tools writing

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