Spline AI

Spline AI

Generate 3D objects, animations and textures using prompts

Spline AI is an innovative tool for designing and working collaboratively in the 3D world by leveraging artificial intelligence. This tool allows you to create 3D objects and scenes, animate, integrate physics, produce style variants and much more.

Key features of Spline AI

  • 3D object and scene generation: Spline AI makes it possible to create 3D objects and scenes by simply describing what you want to achieve.
  • Adaptation and customization: Spline AI offers the ability to change objects, apply various materials, incorporate light sources and make other adjustments.
  • Brainstorming and teamwork: The tool allows you to experiment and cooperate with partners by viewing creations in real time.
  • AI textures to customize creations: Spline AI includes the ability to generate consistent textures for 3D objects from simple text descriptions.

Additional information 

Spline AI is in alpha phase, which means that the team is constantly improving the tool. A waiting list has been set up for users to give feedback and contribute to the improvement of the user experience.

Access to the waiting list is done by registering on the Spline AI website. Users will be notified by email when they can use the tool. During the alpha phase, artificial intelligence features will be free of charge. However, there will be costs associated with these features later. AI textures are already included in the Super and Super Team packages.

Spline AI Details

4.0 Overall Rating
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