Spotify AI DJ

Spotify AI DJ

Personalized guide that knows you so well it can select the perfect tunes for you

The AI DJ is a personalized guide that knows you so well it can select the perfect tunes for you. This feature, being rolled out for the first time in beta, will offer a curated selection of music accompanied by insightful commentary on the tracks and artists you’ll enjoy, all delivered with a strikingly realistic voice.

Effortless sorting: The AI DJ will sift through the latest releases and your old favorite songs, possibly even bringing back a tune you haven’t listened to in years. It will then review potential matches and curate a stream of songs specially chosen for you. Furthermore, it continually updates the playlist based on your feedback.

If you’re not feeling the vibe, simply press the DJ button to change the music. The more you listen and provide feedback to the AI DJ (both likes and dislikes), the better its recommendations become. Think of it as the best of Spotify personalization, but with an AI DJ in your pocket.

Spotify’s personalization technology offers a series of music recommendations based on what it knows you like. This is made possible through the use of OpenAI’s generative AI technology. Spotify has entrusted their music editors with this technology to provide you with relevant information about the music, artists, or genres you’re listening to. Their editors’ expertise is a crucial component of Spotify’s philosophy.

Spotify has genre experts who are well-versed in music and culture. No one knows the music scene better than they do. With this generative AI tool, their editors can scale their innate knowledge like never before. A dynamic AI voice platform, stemming from their acquisition of Sonantic, brings to life incredibly realistic voices from text.

The AI DJ is currently being rolled out in beta for premium Spotify users in the United States and Canada. It’s accessible in English on Spotify’s mobile app for iOS and Android. Simply navigate to the music stream on the app’s homepage and tap the DJ button to start enjoying a customized selection of songs with commentary.

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