Write educational and promotional emails in seconds

Tugan.ai is a copywriting tool to create educational and promotional email marketing campaigns in seconds.

How does Tugan.ai work?

To use Tugan.ai, all you have to do is provide a subject line or upload your own content. The platform’s artificial intelligence then generates several different emails according to your needs. This allows you to personalize your mailings and ensure that your recipients receive messages that are tailored to their expectations.

A considerable time saving

One of the main advantages of Tugan.ai is the time savings it offers to marketing professionals. Instead of spending hours writing personalized emails, you can now create and send campaigns in just a few minutes. This allows you to focus more on other aspects of your marketing strategy, while enjoying effective communication with your customers.

Advanced personalization

With Tugan.ai, you can select the emails that best fit your brand image and message. The tool gives you the flexibility to choose the texts that best reflect your values and business objectives. In addition, the ability to send these messages with a single click allows you to gain efficiency and improve your deliverability rate.

In conclusion, Tugan.ai is a must-have solution for marketing professionals who want to improve their email communication. Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, this tool allows you to create educational and promotional email campaigns in record time, while offering you advanced personalization and considerable time savings. Don’t waste another minute and discover the benefits of Tugan.ai for your business.

Tugan.ai Details

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