Upscale Media

Upscale Media

Automatically scales images in seconds with AI is a tool that employs artificial intelligence to scale and enhance images in just a few seconds. This solution assists individuals, agencies, and e-commerce businesses in boosting their productivity and revenues.

Unique features:

  • Swift and automated results: Harnessing advanced AI technology,’s image scaling process is completed within seconds.
  • Resolution enhancement:’s computer vision algorithms enable image resolution to be increased up to four times.
  • Detail preservation: While scaling, maintains and improves image textures, ensuring a realistic appearance.

Various applications: caters to diverse personal and professional needs, such as:

  • Professionals looking to quickly enhance low-quality images, allowing them to focus on other creative tasks.
  • E-commerce businesses aiming to increase their online product conversion rates with sharp and clear images.
  • Individuals wanting to scale their compressed images from social networks by up to 400%.

Is free is entirely free for personal use when images are processed on their website. Subscription plans are available for commercial or professional use through

What image formats are supported? supports PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP image formats. The supported maximum output resolution and file size are 1500 x 1500 px and 25 MB, respectively. provides a powerful solution for enhancing and scaling your images using artificial intelligence.

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