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By modifying terms and adding synonyms, WordAi, an article rewriting and paraphrasing tool, it can take a blog post or long text and make it into new content. Using this method, you can create something completely original from several already existing sources.

The primary advantage of WordAI is that it has the ability to recognize sentences as unique entities, rather than just pieces of text. WordAi’s ability to mimic human comprehension allows it to generate new and unique sentences by itself.

WordAI Features

Content rewriting software usually has huge advantages. WordAi has some features that its competitors do not. For example:

  • WordAI understands that words have multiple meanings based on context: it produces more accurate and relevant content than other similar tools
  • Most rewriting tools can edit paragraphs and sentences. Few do it well. WordAi understands the words, meaning and context of a sentence.
  • WordAi understands concepts and ideas: before it starts working, the program reads the entire text to capture it in general and specific ways. WordAi can better twist sentences and paragraphs, allowing you to get a more distinctive final content.
  • Writing headlines: the software can also write good headlines by understanding the context.
  • WordAi helps you create distinctive content. It corrects spelling, grammar and sentence length.
  • WordAi helps you write clear and concise sentences. It breaks down sentences that are too long into simpler to understand sentences.


Autospinning is an excellent feature of WordAi. Most of the time, the content is good, but sometimes it looks like spam and needs to be edited by hand. If WordAi “understands” correctly the content you provide it, it is able to do amazing things.

The tool is still overall easy to use and integrates well with the best internet marketing tools. It produces content and text that people can co

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