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Writesonic is a content writing tool that uses AI to help you write better content for your landing pages, Google ads or product descriptions.

  • Create authentic quality content in minutes
  • The tool is completely free
  • No experience or special skills required
  • Folders are not as easy to use for organization

Good content takes hours of work, careful research and a creative mind. But what if you could write long articles in less than 15 minutes? Well, it’s possible with Writesonic!

What is Writesonic

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create unique content in a matter of seconds, Writesonic is the perfect solution. This AI writing assistant can generate blog content, advertising copy, emails, Instagram captions, product descriptions, and more. With over a million users, Writesonic is one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market. Its popularity can be attributed to the quality of its content, vast library of AI tools, and seamless integration with Surfer and Semrush. Plus, it claims to be up to 20 times cheaper than its competitors like Jarvis, Simplified, Copy AI, and Rytr.

The way Writesonic works is simple. Just choose the type of content you want to create, give a brief description of the topic you want to write about, and optionally select a keyword to rank for. The tool will then follow these instructions to create high-quality content for you. You can then refine the content in the integrated AI-powered editor before publishing it on your site with just one click. And that’s just the beginning. The tool’s user-friendly dashboard offers more than 40 content options, such as AI article ideas for blogs, landing pages, Facebook ads, Google ads, and more. All you have to do is choose an existing template, and the tool takes care of the rest.


Writesonic is loaded with a plethora of options, making it one of the most comprehensive writing tools on the market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features included in this tool:

Startup Idea

Are you searching for a way to kickstart your own small business and explore ideas from different angles? Then this model is designed just for you. With the help of artificial intelligence, idea generation will allow you to consider options you might have never thought of before.

AIDA Framework

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – is one of the most effective formulas in the world of copywriting. By structuring your content with this formula, you can capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Meta Descriptions

For SEO purposes, it’s essential that your website’s meta-descriptions are accurate. With the help of an AI writing assistant, this feature allows you to quickly develop this critical information.

Sentence expender

If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block and need help developing specific article ideas, the sentence extender tool is perfect for you. By taking your existing sentence and expanding on your thoughts, it can help stimulate creativity and improve your writing.

Youtube Plans

For those who use Writesonic to create videos, the YouTube plan template can be a lifesaver. It enables you to quickly generate informative and engaging plans for your YouTube videos.

Facebook & Google Ads Descriptions

Whether you’re selling products on Amazon and want to drive traffic to your list using Google or Facebook, or you’re a small business owner looking to create advertising content for your Google Ads campaign, the Google and Facebook ad descriptions feature can be beneficial.

Whether you’re selling physical or digital products, Writesonic can also assist you in creating informative and captivating product descriptions.

Content introductions

When it comes to content writing, creators often need help finding catchy and informative introductions. That’s where Writesonic can be a real lifesaver by allowing you to quickly generate high-quality beginnings for blog article ideas.

Content reformulator

Rephrasing blog ideas and expressing them differently (while making them more captivating) is a skill that takes time to learn. However, with Writesonic, you can get the help of an AI writing assistant to rephrase your content while making necessary improvements.

AI Blog Writer

With AI Blog Writer, you can create SEO-optimized topics, plans, introductions, and complete articles with keywords of over 2500 words. Just add your subject, and Writesonic takes care of the rest.

Write a 2000-word blog post in just 20 seconds with the Instant Article Writer. Enter your topic, and your blog is created instantly.

Sonic Editor (GPT-3)

The Sonic Editor (GPT-3) uses your inputs to generate unique content. By entering 20+ words, you can train the AI to produce long-term quality content of any length.

Paraphrasing tool

With the paraphrasing tool, you can easily turn old articles into fresh, new ones in just one click. By adding the URL of the article you want to rewrite, you’ll get a new article without plagiarism in no time.


Chatsonic Interface

Chatsonic, the conversational AI chatbot assistant from Writesonic, bears resemblance to ChatGPT, but offers additional features.

It has the ability to write news articles and trending topics in real-time, create digital artworks (text-image model) and AI art from text inputs, and generate content through voice commands in the style of Siri/Google Assistant. You can also converse with a personalized avatar that accompanies and guides you through your choices. The chat history is saved to avoid repetition and facilitate communication. You can store, share, or download your conversations at any time. Chatsonic seamlessly integrates into your website and mobile applications.

As of March 16th, Chatsonic now utilizes GPT4.


Writesonic integrates seamlessly with WordPress, Zapier, and Surfer SEO, making it easy to export and connect your content across multiple platforms. With just a click, you can export your content to WordPress using the WordPress integration. And if you want to connect with more than 5000 apps, the Zapier integration has got you covered – no coding required.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic offers six pricing plans that range from $12 to $666 per month

The free plan costs nothing and entitles you to 10000 words. It is intended for people who want to try Writesonic’s features.

The basic plan costs $12 per month and gives you 60,000 premium words

The higher the number of words, the higher the price, the 400.000 words per month plan is $66 per month

Who is Writesonic for

Writesonic is for people who want to improve their writing skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a blog post, an advertisement or a novel. Writesonic will help you improve your writing and figure out what you need to work on so that the next time you write, it will be much better.

We’d even go as far as saying that it’s the top AI writing tool available in the market right now. The quality of the content it generates is excellent, especially if you opt for the Premium quality. Moreover, there’s a plethora of templates and tools to choose from, and it’s highly affordable due to its flexible pricing system. Additionally, it even integrates with Surfer SEO, our top pick for the best content writing tool for SEO purposes.

However, it’s important to remember that no AI tool can completely replace an experienced writer. As good as Writesonic is, it can’t do everything that a human can do; the technology isn’t yet fully developed. You’ll still have to work on your own. Nevertheless, it can significantly accelerate your workflow and writing process. If you’re still undecided, we recommend trying it out for yourself by signing up for the free trial of Writesonic, which offers 10,000 complimentary words.

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